Tips to Avoid a Collision with a Tractor-trailer

October 22, 2018|Adams Law Firm, Auto Safety

Each year, millions of tractor-trailers are traveling on highways in America. Unfortunately, this means that the chance of an accident with these huge vehicles increases exponentially. As a driver on Georgia roads, there are many ways you can steer clear of an accident with these huge trucks. Consider these tips:

Be Cautious Dealing with Dental Chains

September 6, 2017|Adams Law Firm

Dentistry requires deep knowledge and skill. Understandably, when that expertise is required, the recipient will pay a fee for the service. While the price tag for dental services may be high, there is a limit. Recently, complaints have surfaced against dental chains concerning putting profit before the actual needs of the patient. Contact Adams Law Firm today if you have

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Spotlight on Macon Attorney: Brian Adams

March 15, 2017|Adams Law Firm|0 comments

Brian Adams is the founding partner of Adams Law Firm and is a third-generation Macon attorney. He studied political science at the University of Georgia before obtaining his J.D. at Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law.

At Adams Law Firm…It’s Personal

August 9, 2016|Adams Law Firm, Uncategorized|0 comments

Adams Law Firm Gets “Personal” on The Creek 100.9 FM If there’s anything Brian Adams has spent his lifetime enduring…it’s the inevitable reference to the same-named Canadian rockstar, Bryan Adams, nearly every time he meets someone new. And today, he took that made-for-radio name and voice to the airways on the new Middle Georgia station, The Creek 100.9 FM. In

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Macon’s Best Attorney & Best Law Practice Nominations

April 15, 2016|Adams Law Firm|0 comments

Every year, the Macon Telegraph highlights the city’s “Best of the Best” list.  In 2016, only the top nominees were added to the voting ballot from categories ranging from auto repair, restaurants, shopping, and everything in between. Adams Law Firm has been nominated as Macon’s Best Law Practice, and Brian Adams has been nominated as Macon’s Best Attorney.  We would like to say “Thank You” to

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