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Case Results

Adams Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Below are just a few examples of the recent results we have helped our clients obtain. These prior case results are not representative of the value of any other cases. Case results are not guaranteed. Each case is different and the results differ based on the facts of the individual case.


Catastrophic Brain Injury


Catastrophic Injury


Death Settlement


Wrongful Death


Death Settlement




Death Settlement


Professional Malpractice


Serious Leg Injury


Defective Brakes




Negligent Truck Driver

Truck driver was negligent in securing his spare tire that came off his truck and crushed our client’s vehicle.


Leg Injury

Inflatables case: manufacturer and vendor held accountable for serious leg injury to a minor


Dram Shop/Bar Owner Negligence

Our client was seriously injured as a result of a drunk driver.


Employee Contract Dispute


Hip Fracture


Neck Injury


Minor Impact Shoulder Injury


Neck and Back Injuries

Passenger with neck and back injuries


Failure to Contain Cattle


Neck, Hip, and Back Injuries


Neck Fracture


Neck and Back Injuries


Brain Injury


Soft Tissue Injury




Knee Injury


Spinal Injury

Confidential Settlement

Shooting Injury




Environmental Pollution


Defective Product


Bank Fraud


Death Settlement


Death Settlement


Death Settlement