How Your Negligent Security Attorney Will Handle Your Case

There are many factors that contribute to a negligent security case. To ensure the highest likelihood of obtaining the best result possible, you should seek the help of a negligent security attorney. During your case, your attorney should:

Prove Foreseeability

A serious aspect of security negligence cases is that the incident must have been foreseen by the property owner, thus making it a negligence case since he did not take appropriate steps to make the property safer. Your security negligence attorney will prove foreseeability by investigating prior incidences, examining nearby assaults, assessing the property, consulting with a security expert, and more.

Interview Witnesses

A witness can strengthen your case, as it’s no longer your word against the defendant anymore. If someone witnessed your incident, your security negligence lawyer will interview them and gather facts. If necessary, the witness may have to testify in court.

Handle All Phone Calls & Communication

Did you know that anything you say to the opposing party and/or their insurance company can be used against you, and in a worst-case scenario, invalidate your claim? It’s vital that your security negligence attorney handles all phone calls and communication to ensure your case is not negatively affected by faulty statements.

Pursue Maximum Compensation

This is likely the first time you’re suing a property owner for security negligence. Because you’ve never done this before, there’s no way that you’ll know for sure that the compensation the other party offers is sufficient. Attorney Brian Adams and our legal team considers many factors to determine the maximum amount of compensation we should pursue.

Brian Adams is Your Trusted Security Negligence Attorney

Attorney Brian Adams will zealously pursue compensation for your injury and help right the wrong that occurred to you. If you have other questions about security negligence, make sure to read our other blog – Security Negligence FAQs, then give us a call: (478) 845-1961.