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How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in the Rain

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2020 | Auto Safety

A stormy forecast doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ditch your bike for the day. There are several extra steps you can take to ensure you don’t have a motorcycle accident while riding in the rain. Consider these tips:

Ride Defensively

When you’re riding in the rain, you must ride defensively. If you need to brake, do so much sooner than you normally would and ease into it. Braking fast can cause your wheels to spin out.

Be Mindful of Oil Slicks

Even on a dry day, riders must avoid oil slicks to ensure a motorcycle accident doesn’t occur. On a wet day, the rain makes those oil slicks much worse! Always look ahead on the road and avoid oily areas whenever possible.

Wear the Right Clothes

To make sure you don’t get soaked to your core, wear a rain-resistant outfit over your normal clothes. The right boots can keep your feet warm and not allow water to seep through from the sole.

Choose the Right Gear

Does your helmet have a visor? If so, it’s important to have a visor that doesn’t get foggy when it rains. Additionally, choose gloves that have grips on them, so your hands don’t slip off your handlebars.

Double Your Distance

Whether you’re driving behind a vehicle or stopping at an intersection, double your distance to ensure a motorcycle accident doesn’t occur. Just like motorcycles, vehicles need more space and time to stop when it’s raining.

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