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Dispelling 3 Worker’s Compensation Myths

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Personal Injury Law

Getting injured on the job has a ripple effect on your entire life. The physical strain it puts on your body, along with your mental and emotional health, can be life-altering. Unfortunately, many employees are not seeking worker’s compensation they deserve due to false misconceptions.

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Allow us to shed light on truth behind worker’s comp myths:

Myth 1: Small Injuries Won’t Be Covered in Worker’s Compensation Claims

This is probably the biggest myth of all! Small injuries can easily lead to big issues in the future. A sore neck or tender back today may turn into debilitating problem tomorrow. If you’ve been hurt on the job with a minor or major injury, it’s imperative to seek medical attention so you have a record of the incident from the very beginning.

Myth 2: Worker’s Compensation Won’t Be Awarded for a Pre-Existing Condition

This is a tricky myth to dispel, as it depends on the situation. But, in most cases, if your pre-existing condition worsened due to a work-related accident, you can request worker’s compensation. For example, if your knee joints are weak due to a pre-existing condition and a work-related accident temporarily or permanently worsens them, worker’s compensation is likely attainable.

Myth 3: Worker’s Compensation Doesn’t Cover Self-Caused Injuries

If you’re injured on the job due to an accident or inexperience, your employer is still responsible to give you worker’s compensation. An exception to this rule is if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If your system is compromised, it is assumed that this is the reason why the accident occurred, thus the injury was sustained and no compensation will be awarded.

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