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FAQs Understanding Product Liability & Defective Products

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Firm News

America has many requirements that a product must meet before it’s placed on the shelves. These rules are meant to keep us safe and, fortunately, they do most of the time. However, some products are defective and sold to consumers. Consider several frequently asked questions about product liability lawsuits and defective products:

How can a product be defective?

A product can be found defective in three different ways – faulty design, poor manufacturing, and incorrect marketing. If you choose to sue, your product liability case will consider the type of defective product, the injury you sustained, income loss, medical bills, and more.

What types of products can experience a defect?

Unfortunately, any product can become defective if it was not designed, manufactured, or marketed properly. Examples of defective products include medication that is improperly labeled, a toy that is missing a part, and a vehicle part that is not functioning correctly.

How can I protect myself from a defective product?

There are certain steps you can take to reduce the risk of being injured by a defective product:

  • Always read the owner’s manual to ensure you are operating the product correctly.
  • Ask questions, especially if you have been prescribed medication.
  • Fill out the product registration form, as this will give the company your information in case a recall is necessary.
  • Inspect your new product before using it.
  • Wear safety equipment when operating machinery or heavy equipment.

Why do I need to hire a product liability lawyer?

Whether your injury was caused by an obvious defect or a discreet defect, it’s important to hire a product liability lawyer. The responsible party likely has lawyers standing by to stop lawsuits in their tracks before they go to court. They will often offer the injured party compensation that is well below an adequate amount. Your lawyer will know exactly how much compensation you deserve and will guide your steps to receive a fair amount.

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