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New Year’s Resolution: Say Goodbye to Distracted Driving

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Auto Safety

It’s a new year which means billions of people are making resolutions to better their overall life. We believe one of the best resolutions you can make is to improve your driving! With millions of people on Georgia roads every day, you can help make the road a safer place by eliminating distracted driving.

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3 Types of Distracted Driving

Knowing the different types of distracted driving will help you drive defensively. If you know what distracted driving entails, you can work to stay focused. Consider the three types of distracted driving: cognitive, manual, and visual.

cognitive distraction is anything that distracts your mental state. For example, cognitive distraction occurs when you allow your thoughts to wander and you forgo paying attention to the road and other drivers.

manual distraction is anything that takes your hand(s) off the steering wheel. For example, this occurs when you use one hand to eat and the other hand is on the wheel. By keeping both hands on the wheel at all times, you are two times more likely to react faster to a dangerous situation.

visual distraction is anything that distracts your line of sight from the road. For example, if you glance at your cellphone to read a text or look at your radio to switch channels, your line of sight has been compromised. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye so it’s important to keep your eyes focused on the road ahead, behind, and to the sides of your vehicle.

How You Can Make the Road a Safer Place

Now that you know the three types of distracted driving, make a New Year’s resolution to eliminate your distracted driving habits. Common habits include eating food, drinking a beverage, applying makeup, texting friends, and reaching for an item.

Frustratingly, even if you do everything you can to eliminate distracted driving, other people on the road may drive carelessly. If you’ve been in a car accident, call us for legal representation: 478-772-3939.