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How Our Insurance Lawyers Can Help You Navigate an Insurance Dispute

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Insurance Disputes

Every month, you pay a certain amount of money to your insurance company to ensure that if or when you need their help, you will be in good standing with them. Frustratingly, some insurance companies don’t play by the rules. They want to save as much money as possible instead of acting on your best interests.

Fortunately, your insurance company doesn’t always get the last say when it comes to denying an insurance claim. If needed, your insurance lawyer can take them to court and fight for the money you deserve. Discover the details:

What to Do After You’re Denied a Claim

The last thing you want to happen after you’ve experienced a life-changing event such as the passing of a loved one or a medical procedure is for your insurance company to deny your claim. Whether you’re dealing with life, auto, home, or health insurance, follow these steps after you receive notice of a denied claim:

  1. Keep Details of Everything – This seems tedious but it’s extremely beneficial. Take notes of every phone call you make to your insurance company, who you talk to, and what was said. If the insurance company sends you an email or letter, print it out and keep it for your records.
  2. Talk to an Insurance Lawyer – While this may be the first time you’re dealing with a denied claim, this is not the first time for our insurance lawyers. The Adams Law Firm attorneys can help you combat the denied claim.
  3. Draw Upon Resources – Insurance companies have a certain standard of care they must meet. That’s why when they choose not to cover your claim, you should report it to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner for their records.

How Our Insurance Lawyers Can Help

Insurance companies have lawyers standing by ready to shutdown any potential issues with denied claims. That’s why it’s imperative that you have an experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate this legal maze.

Often, there is a statute of limitations that applies to these cases. In order to take an insurance company to court, you must do so within a set time frame. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Adams Law Firm insurance lawyers with your legal needs.

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