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Tips to Avoid a Collision with a Tractor-trailer

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2018 | Adams Law Firm, Auto Safety

Each year, millions of tractor-trailers are traveling on highways in America. Unfortunately, this means that the chance of an accident with these huge vehicles increases exponentially. As a driver on Georgia roads, there are many ways you can steer clear of an accident with these huge trucks. Consider these tips:

Be Mindful of the Weather

Tractor-trailers need plenty of space to stop when the roads are dry. So, if there is rain or a wintery mix on the roads, make sure you give them even more space than you usually would. If it’s raining hard and it’s difficult for you to see the road, it’s safe to assume the truck driver is having difficulty as well. Remember to signal before switching lanes and keep a lane between you and the truck if possible.

Steer Clear of Blind Spots

Your vehicle likely has small blind spots that are a nuisance. Because of a semi truck’s size, their blind spots are massive. A general rule of thumb is if you can’t see the driver’s two side mirrors, he can’t see you. If you must pass the truck, do so quickly to avoid being in the driver’s blind spots.

Pay Attention to Turns

Most tractor-trailers have a sign on the back that says “Caution: This Vehicle Makes Wide Turns”. This is a very serious notice to heed because most tractor trailer accidents happen while the semi is making a wide right turn. The approaching vehicle miscalculates how much room the truck needs to turn and is accidentally crushed. If possible, allow the tractor-trailer to make his turn first.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Both vehicle and truck drivers can contribute to a safer environment by eliminating distracted driving. Distracted driving takes many shapes – talking on the phone, texting, applying makeup, listening to loud music, and more. Continue to take steps toward concentrated and focused driving to make the road a safer place.

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