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Understanding Compensation & Factors a Judge Considers

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Personal Injury Law

If you’ve been injured, you are likely entitled to compensation. It is important to seek reimbursement for all expenses related to the work injury. It not only demands the responsible party to be held accountable, but it will also ease any financial burden you may have in the present and future.

Compensation Factors Details

More than just reimbursing the victim of medical expenses, the law considers other factors such as emotional distress, future expenses, and more. Don’t navigate personal injury cases without an experienced attorney from Adams Law Firm. Having an attorney on your side to fight for compensation in all areas is imperative. Consider the following details:

Medical Costs – If you were severely injured, you likely called 911 immediately for medical attention. In addition to that bill, you may have to see a doctor, specialist, therapist, and other medical-related professionals to fix your injury. If your injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, you should be reimbursed for all medical expenses. (Tip: keep all receipts and insurance claims related to your injury.)

Future Wages & Expenses – When you’re injured, not only are you missing out on wages in the here and now, but you are also losing future wages if you are unable to work for a prolonged period. Additionally, any future expenses related to your accident such as physical therapy are considered.

Emotional Distress – Accidents can take an extreme toll on your emotions causing future jobs to be impossible. A jury considers how affected you were physically and emotionally while determining compensation.

These are only three of many elements a jury considers when deciding on how much compensation you should receive. To make sure you receive the proper amount, you need an Adams Law Firm attorney to represent you in court. Contact us today with your questions.