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Wrongful Death FAQs Where to Go From Here

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One of the most devastating and emotionally-charged experiences someone can endure is the loss of a loved one. If the loss occurs due to an act of negligence, the hurt is indescribable. A wrongful death claim seeks out righting the wrong that has occurred. We know that no settlement can fully ease your pain. But, it can help with your financial state during this trying time.Call us at 478-772-3939 to schedule a consultation.

Consider the following questions and answers concerning wrongful death claims:

Who can file a wrongful death claim?

Most often, immediate family members file a wrongful death claim. If multiple people are filing the claim, the court will consolidate all of the lawsuits into one. If you want to pursue this type of claim, you must act quickly after the passing of your loved one. Wrongful death cases must be petitioned for within a set amount of time.

What are common causes of wrongful death?

Wrongful deaths occur in all areas of life. Several common causes in the United States include defective products, incorrect warning labels, medical or nursing home negligence, unsafe construction zones, security carelessness, workplace catastrophes, and automobile accidents.

What will the court consider during my case?

There are a number of aspects of the deceased life that the court takes into consideration in order to give you an accurate amount of compensation. In a wrongful death claim, you may be compensated for medical bills, funeral costs, loss of future earnings and benefits, pain and suffering compensation, and more.

How can Adams Law Firm help?

We know that no amount of money can take away the pain you’re enduring concerning the loss of your loved one. However, we believe that dealing with this loss should not be made harder by financial suffering. Allow the Adams Law Firm attorneys to navigate this claim for you. We promise to handle your case with the care and respect it deserves.

We hope your family never has to experience a wrongful death. However, if your family is in this heart-breaking situation, contact us today for legal advice.