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What to do if You’ve Been Injured by a Defective Product

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Before a product is allowed to be sold in stores, it must undergo many safety tests.  At Adams Law Firm, we’re committed to fighting for your compensation after you’ve been hurt by a defective product.

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Read more about what product liability is and the different types of product liability that exist:

Understanding Product Liability

Manufacturers and sellers have a responsibility to you, the consumer, to make sure their products are safe before they are sold. However, if a product hits the shelves before a defect is discovered, the possibility of injury is real.

Manufacturers are responsible for ordering a recall on the defective product; however, the consumer may have already suffered an injury. If you’ve been injured due to an unsafe product, you have the right to a product liability lawsuit.

Types of Product Liability

To prove a product liability case, the defect must fall within three categories: design, manufacturing, or marketing defect. Consider these details while considering a product liability case:

  • If a product was designed poorly and has caused an injury, this would fall under the design defect category.
  • If there is nothing wrong with the design but an error occurred during the making of the product, this would be considered a manufacturing defect.
  • If a company fails to give clear instruction or warning about a product, you may be able to sue for product liability based on a marketing defect.

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