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Be Cautious Dealing with Dental Chains

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2017 | Adams Law Firm

Dentistry requires deep knowledge and skill. Understandably, when that expertise is required, the recipient will pay a fee for the service. While the price tag for dental services may be high, there is a limit. Recently, complaints have surfaced against dental chains concerning putting profit before the actual needs of the patient.

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Regrettably, certain dental chains do not have the patient’s best interest in mind. Two common complaints about dental chains are an exponential amount of pressure placed on patients and a heavy focus on turning a profit.


Many patients have voiced that the dentist pressured them into receiving treatment or services that they did not understand or truly need. During the treatment, the dentist used the most expensive equipment available instead of what was more affordable.

Our advice is to be confident in your decision to say “no.” If you feel overwhelmed or confused, we encourage you to wait before making your decision. It’s wise to seek another professional opinion, as well. While this may cost you additional money up front, it may save you thousands in the future.


While practices are usually owned by the dentist himself, it is common for a private equity firm to be involved at the management level. Unfortunately, these firms put an added amount of financial pressure on the dentist to hit a certain revenue quota. If the dentist does not meet his quota, the private equity firm may threaten unemployment. The dentist or his staff may pressure you to pay for a procedure that you do not need.

We encourage you to always ask questions. Don’t sign anything if you are confused or concerned about the language used. Feel free to leave the office and ask another person to look over the documents.

For more information about these issues, please refer to this article published by Georgia Public Broadcasting, Patients, Pressure and Profits at Aspen Dental.

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