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Safety Check for Memorial Day

On Behalf of | May 25, 2015 | Adams Law Firm, Auto Safety, Personal Injury Law

Memorial Day weekend is finally here!  It’s known not only as a time to commemorate all the men and women that have died for our great country but also as the unofficial start of summer.  With summer, comes travel, and this is historically one of the busiest and most dangerous travel weekends of the year.

Staying Safe on the Road this Memorial Day

While enjoying the beautiful weekend with friends and family, Adams Law Firm asks that you all remember these safety checks:

– Buckle up!  It’s tried and true, and it still applies.

– Don’t drink and drive!  Not cars, not boats, not anything.  It’s a celebration weekend, but if your “celebrating” involves going from one place to the next, please find a sober driver.

– Stop distracted driving.  Not only is it illegal to text and drive in Georgia; it could also save your life!  It can wait.

– Check your vehicle.  Ensure that routine maintenance has been done to avoid any travel surprises.

These are some effective ways to avoid injury or death in a car accident during this peak travel weekend.  Now, go let your American flags fly high; have fun; and, please be safe!