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What Is My Case Really Worth?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2015 | Firm News

One of the most common questions we get from our personal injury clients is, “What is my case really worth?”. You could have a million dollar case, or your case may not be worth a million dollar. Here are some of the things that go into making that determination. First, was someone negligent, and did their negligence cause your injury? And if so, what are the extent of your damages? How badly were you hurt? Those are some of the things we look at to determine the value of your case.

We also look to see if there is enough insurance coverage to cover the full value of your case. We’ll find every bit of insurance that is available to cover your claim. We also look to the venue. Where will we file your case? What court will we be in? Were you partly at fault in getting injured? Maybe you weren’t totally at fault, but you were partly to blame. If that’s the case, the value of our case changes. And so, every case is different. We look at all of these factors to determine the value of your case, and we are committed to working hard to maximize the value of your case. At Adams Law Firm, we are here for you!