Motorcycle Accidents

At Adams Law Firm we have the experience needed when representing riders in a motorcycle accident case, and treats them with the respect and personal attention they deserve.
Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 4,000 people lose their lives in motorcycle accidents each year.  The motorcycle accident attorneys at Adams Law Firm are familiar with the nuances of the laws designed to protect motorcyclists, and emphatically believe that riders are entitled to the same rights and safety measures as any other driver.

It's important that every driver on the road remembers to be careful not only around other vehicles, but around motorcyclists as well.  The popular "Look Twice, Save a Life" and "Share the Road" bumper stickers have been a helpful reminder, but unfortunately non-riders often have a misconception of motorcyclists - thinking that they are irresponsible or reckless drivers. The attorneys at Adams Law Firm not only have the experience needed when representing riders in a motorcycle accident case, but our legal team treats riders injured in motorcycle accidents with the respect and personal attention they deserve.

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Do You Need Legal Representation?

If you or a loved one is in need of Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys, be sure to consult with a lawyer who has experience handling the complexities of motorcycle wreck cases. If you choose to hire an attorney, be sure to choose a firm that treats you with dignity and respect, and that like Adams Law Firm, offers a free initial consultation.

Staying Safe on the Road

Motorcyclists in Georgia are required by law to wear helmets and eye protection (unless a helmet is windscreen-equipped) while on the road. Riders can also help keep themselves safer on the road by following these precautions:

  • Wear protective clothing such as gloves, heavy boots, and a padded riding jacket.
  • Increase visibility by wearing light-colored or reflective clothing. Georgia law requires the use of headlights during daytime.
  • Avoid poor road and weather conditions.
  • Do not speed.
  • Never ride under the influence of drugs and alcohol.