Our Clients

Adams Law Firm has a strong commitment to putting our clients first! We understand that you are why we as lawyers do what we do, and we are committed to earning your confidence and trust every day. We take pride in the personal attention we provide: talking closely with you and keeping you involved every step of the way.

“We measure our success by how much help we can offer you during these trying times.”

We provide quality, high-end legal services for clients of all socioeconomic backgrounds and are honored to represent each and every one of you.

“Providing for our clients is what we are most interested in.”

By leveling the playing field in the legal system and giving you a voice as powerful as any insurance company or corporation, we provide you fair access to justice. We believe you deserve the highest quality of representation, and we work hard to ensure that you have all the support needed to navigate the complications of the justice system.

Personal Attention for Personal Injury
“Personal Attention for Personl Injury” is not just our tagline. It is the foundation of Adams Law Firm. We do not delegate our clients to assistants. We interact with you personally, and touch base with you on a regular basis. We do not screen phone calls and often meet with our clients in their own homes, staying closely involved in each aspect of the case until it has been resolved.

“We work closely with our clients on a personal level. For example, we helped a woman whose husband was killed in a tractor trailor accident. She was experiencing one of life’s greatest tragedies and was not focused on recovering a financial sum. We worked tirelessly to get her financial settlement, but the basis of our attorney-client relationship was never about the money. It was about protecting, advising, and guiding her out of the worst time of her life. She told us numerous times she appreciated the guidance more than the financial settlement.”