Results & Testimonials

Our Results

Adams Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Below are just a few examples of the recent results we have helped our clients obtain:

$10,900,000 – Auto Wreck – Catastrophic Brain Injury

$8,600,000 – Medical Malpractice – Catastrophic Injury

$4,850,000 – Tractor-trailer Wreck – A husband and father was killed in a serious wreck involving a tractor-trailer and its negligent driver.

Confidential Settlement – Auto WreckDeath

Confidential Settlement – Medical Malpractice – Death

Confidential Settlement – Shooting Death

$1,600,000 – Trial Verdict – Grandchildren were victims of financial fraud.

$1,350,000 – Trial Verdict – Professional Malpractice

$1,250,000 – Auto Wreck – Serious leg injury

$1,052,017 – Auto Wreck – Defective Brakes: auto repair shop held accountable for negligent brake repair

Confidential Settlement – Environmental pollution

Confidential Settlement – Bank Fraud

Confidential Settlement – Fall

$600,000 – Auto Wreck – Amputation

$515,000 – Auto Wreck – Truck driver was negligent in securing his spare tire that came off his truck and crushed our client’s vehicle.

$440,000 – Dram Shop/Bar Owner Negligence – Our client was seriously injured as a result of a drunk driver.

$450,000 – Products Liability – Inflatables case: manufacturer and vendor held accountable for serious leg injury to a minor

$435,000 – Employee Contract Dispute

Confidential Settlement – Defective Product

$350,000 – Auto Wreck – Hip Fracture

$350,000 – Auto Wreck – Neck Injury

$295,000 – Auto Wreck – Minor impact shoulder injury

$275,000 – Single Car Wreck – Passenger with neck and back injuries

$250,000 – Property Owner Liability – Property Owner failed to contain his cattle that resulted in a serious injury to our client.

$230,000 – Motorcycle Crash – Neck, hip and back injuries

$225,000 – Fall from inflatable device – Neck fracture

$197,500 – Rear end collision – Neck and back injury

$180,000 – Auto Wreck – Brain injury

$170,000 – Rear end collision – Soft tissue injury

$160,000 – Trip and Fall

$155,000 – Auto Wreck – Knee injury

$130,000 – Slip and Fall – Spinal injury

Confidential Settlement – Shooting injury

These prior case results are not representative of the value of any other cases. Case results are not guaranteed. Each case is different and the results differ based on the facts of the individual case.


“I contacted The Adams Law Firm after being involved in an automobile accident. The moment I did, a huge burden was lifted. Brian Adams and his entire staff were always available to answer any questions we had, and took great care in every detail concerning my case. I can not thank him and the entire staff enough for being so kind and thorough throughout this entire process. I highly recommend the Adams Law Firm to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.”

– Priscilla E., Macon, GA

“Brian and his firm are as good as it gets! Having worked with other personal injury attorneys in the past, I can say that Adams Law Firm goes above and beyond for their clients. I was very impressed every step of the way – from their research, organization and professionalism throughout my case, until the end result. Brian stood up to the insurance company and fought for me in a way that made me proud to have him on my side! I recommend Brian and his staff to anyone who has been involved in an accident.”

– Barbara R., Eatonton, GA

“After being injured in a car accident, I received a call from the other driver’s insurance company. They were so polite and had me convinced they would handle my situation fairly. I trusted them and liked the idea of not having to get a lawyer involved. As the process dragged on and my medical bills began mounting, their tune began to change, and I soon realized that the insurance company was not there to help me. That is when I called Brian Adams to help. Brian made things so easy for me, advising me to have no further contact with the insurance company as he would handle everything going forward. Brian worked quickly, keeping me informed of every important detail of my case, and ultimately got considerably more than the insurance company was offering. I can’t thank Brian enough for his attention to my case and for helping me realize that having a legal expert like himself to fight against these insurance companies is the only way it will ever be “fair.”

– Talisa H., Macon, GA

“Unfortunately someone ran a stop sign and killed my husband on November 9, 2010. But fortunately my brother recommended Brian Adams to me as a lawyer. That was a True Blessing. Brian knew what to do from the start. He went forward and didn’t stop until we signed on the dotted line. He mentioned things that I had not thought of and answered every question that I had.

Brian did his job professionally but with that personal edge that makes it go a long way. Not only did my family and I see this but so did the opposition and this is why the case was won. Not only did I gain the best lawyer in Georgia but a true friend.”

– Janet A., Pelham, GA

“Brian, I can’t thank you enough for helping us. Thank you for all the long hours you put in representing us. Thank you for caring. No words can express my gratitude.”

– Judy B., Macon, GA

“Mr. Adams was invited to my home soon after I was released from the hospital from an auto accident; an accident that would eventually leave me handicapped and changed for the rest of my life. Being concerned that most lawyers are focused on the immediate payoff of the limits of liability so they can make a quick buck, I was quickly put at ease by Mr. Adams vision of the long term aspects of the case in which I would certainly receive justice for my physical loss as well as my emotional trauma. That told me that this attorney was in tune with the big picture of my case and not just the short term gain from my insurance company.  I’m certain that Mr. Adams will work for anyone in the same manner.”

– Marvin B., Valdosta, GA

Brian Adams is a godsend. We had difficulty retaining an attorney that would undertake our case. After contacting Brian, he came to us! He’s a true southern gentleman – professional, caring, compassionate, generous and hard working. He took great care of us and he got results quickly.”

– Mr. & Mrs. L of Zebulon, GA

“Our company was forced to close due to significant, negligent errors made by a third-party accounting professional we hired.
The case was complicated; so complicated that most attorneys would not want to represent us. And it was boring; an accounting case? Who wants to suffer through that? Brian was willing. He and his legal team spent weeks with our management team, employees, vendors and regulators understanding what happened. They took the time to understand the case, so that they could explain it to a jury.
Brian was honest and straight-forward. He told us the risks and possible rewards, and provided excellent counsel every step of the way. We were blown away by his abilities in the courtroom to prove our case. He was prepared, determined, and dedicated to us as his clients. The jury awarded $1,350,000.00.

– Miller L. Heath, III – CEO of Density Corporation