Workers’ Comp Attorneys

The Adams Law Firm doggedly defends the rights of injured workers throughout the state of Georgia; even if you think your injuries aren't severe enough to warrant hiring a lawyer, it may be worth consulting an experienced attorney.
Workers' Comp Attorney

Workplace accidents and injuries occur far too often; over 100 Georgians suffer fatal work injuries each year, and up to 120,000 suffer on-the-job injuries and illnesses that require time off work. The workers' comp attorneys at Adams Law Firm doggedly defend the rights of injured workers throughout the state of Georgia - no matter the size of the claim. Workers Compensation cases can cover a wide range of accidents and injuries; some of the most common are included below:

  • Car & truck accidents are the leading causes of work-related death; put your cell phone out of reach, drive safely with as few distractions as possible, and avoid speeding or tailgating.
  • Sprains & strains resulting from falls or overexertion.
  • Cancers caused by exposure to dangerous substances or chemicals.
  • Burns from fires/explosions, equipment, or chemicals.
  • Respiratory illnesses from unsafe or unsanitary work conditions
  • Failure to abide by safety regulations, or failure to provide proper training.
  • Equipment failure due to a flaw in the design or improper maintenance.
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When an injury occur in the workplace, it's important to take action quickly. Medical needs should immediately be assessed, and if injuries are serious, call 911. No matter the severity of the injury, the employee or employee's advocate should immediately begin collecting all related facts and information; any witness should be interviewed to avoid any details fading from memory, and the company should be informed in writing that an injury occurred on the job.

Do you need legal representation?

Hiring an attorney is not to be taken lightly. We take the basic concept of the attorney-client relationship seriously, and the key to our practice is personalized attention. Even if you think your on-the-job injuries are not severe enough to necessitate hiring a lawyer, it may be valuable to consult an attorney, like Brian Adams, who understands the complexities of legal claims involving injured workers. If you choose to contact an attorney, ask your friends and family for recommendations, and ultimately select a firm that treats you with dignity and respect.