5 Common Negligent Security Issues

January 15, 2021|Uncategorized

Allow us to explain five common issues that result in negligent security: lack of security guards or cameras, broken access points, inadequate training, poor lighting, and cheap locks.

Negligent Security FAQs

December 15, 2020|Uncategorized

Property owners have a duty to their guests and tenants to provide a reasonable amount of security to ensure safety. Depending on certain factors, the victim can sue for negligent security.

Debunking 3 Wrongful Death Myths

June 15, 2019|Uncategorized

Misconceptions about wrongful death lawsuits are keeping people from pursuing compensation that they deserve. Discover three wrongful death myths you shouldn’t believe.

Premises Liability: Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

November 19, 2018|Uncategorized

With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, the holiday season is in full swing. This means that many more people are at malls and local stores than usual. With an influx of shoppers, it’s possible that your safety is at risk. When you’re shopping, make sure to take appropriate steps to avoid an injury. If you endure an injury, you may have a premises liability case on your hands. Consider the following ways to stay safe: