What To Do If You Are Attacked In Your Apartment Complex

Being physically or sexually assaulted can be a traumatic experience for the victim, primarily if the attack occurred in their own home or on their apartment complex premises. Unfortunately, this situation is a grave reality for many people living in apartment complexes in neighborhoods where crime is more pervasive. According to the UALR Center for Public Collaboration Multi-Family Final Report, large apartment complexes are more vulnerable to violent crime when located in an area where crime is known to take place.

If you were robbed, assaulted, or physically attacked on the premises, the question remains; if adequate lighting or appropriate security measures were in place, could the crime have been prevented? Our negligent security attorneys have decades of experience holding negligent apartment building owners accountable due to a lack of security. Apartment complexes and multi-family building owners have the duty to maintain a safe living environment for all their residents and their guests. It’s the job of a negligent security attorney to help in the event you suffer an injury or loss due to the negligence of the property owner.

If you were a victim of a crime in your complex; here's what you should know to ensure your safety:

● Use self-defense.

● Call 911.

● Seek medical attention immediately.

● Get in contact with a skilled negligent security attorney.

Common Types of Crimes in Apartment Complexes

In 2017, The Marietta Apartment Complex Crime Data Report analyzed crime data and tracked criminal activity over 12 months in the city's apartment complexes. The crime classifications were categorized from the U.S Department of Justice's Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The data revealed 384 Part I Crimes such as; rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, and murder.

What Led To These Crimes?

Apartment building owners have a legal duty to protect patrons from impending harm, especially in their place of residence. To ensure residents' safety, security measures must be installed to maintain the safety of the residents, guests and property.

If a multi-resident complex owner fails to install appropriate security measures, it increases the chances of a violent crime.

● Failing to install and maintain a security camera to monitor the property.

● Lack of security personnel.

● Failing to maintain Video surveillance.

● Poor lighting throughout and surrounding the premise.

It's essential to hold your landlord or apartment complex owner responsible for failing to install and execute appropriate security measures.

Contact a Macon Negligent Security Attorney

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