5 Common Negligent Security Issues

If you rent an apartment or stay in a hotel, your safety ultimately falls on the measures taken by the landlord or property owner. If they fail to provide a safe property, you are more susceptible to injury, attack, robbery, and other negative incidents. Allow us to explain five common issues that result in negligent security:

1. Insufficient Amount of Security Guards

A security guard’s presence can deter robbers or burglars from pursuing unaware victims. Additionally, if a burglar harms a person or breaks into an apartment, a security guard has training and experience to protect you and your property. With no security guards present (or a lack thereof), burglars will be more prone to commit crimes, believing they can get away with their crime.

2. Broken Access Points

Locked access points can dissuade a thief from entering property – or at least make it more difficult to gain access. Broken access points such as windows, doors, fences, and vehicle gates, allows for thieves to gain entry to the property within seconds.

3. Inadequate Training of Personnel

The security guards and property staff must know what to do if they witness a robbery or are alerted of a burglary taking place. Training is essential to ensure you are kept safe and professional personnel are dispatched in a timely manner to take care of the threat.

4. Poorly Placed or Lack of Security Cameras & Lighting

Broken lights or dark alleys contribute to perfect hiding spots for robbers who want to attack an unknowing person. Bright lights must be placed throughout the property, so all areas are adequately lit. If a bulb goes out, it must be replaced quickly. Additionally, poorly placed or a lack of security cameras will not be able to capture the robber’s face in order to identify him.

5. Cheap or Damaged Locks

If gates, doors, and fences have locks, they must be high quality. A quick squeeze of a bolt cutter can easily break a cheap lock and allow the burglar entrance to the property. If you notice cheap or damaged locks, report it to your property owner and/or the maintenance team to have it replaced.

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