3 Things to Look For in Your Semi-Truck Accident Case

A semi-truck accident is never cut and dry. There are many different elements of the case that need to be investigated and brought to the surface. Your attorney will present his findings to the court and request compensation on your behalf. This compensation should include present and future medical bills, loss of income, change of lifestyle, pain and suffering, and more!

If you’ve been in a semi-truck accident, our team will investigate several different elements of your semi-truck accident case including:

Cause(s) of the Semi-Truck Accident

There can be several causes of a semi-truck accident including driver fatigue, ill-fitting truck parts, intoxication, hazardous conditions, and more. Because of this, there could be multiple at-fault parties. Your semi-truck accident attorney will investigate the cause of the accident and fight to prove it in court.

Job Status of the Driver

Semi-truck drivers can either work for a company or be independent contractors. Knowing this information is crucial when determining who is responsible for the accident. For example, if a company was allowing drivers to work long hours (essentially allowing fatigued drivers on the road), the company can be held responsible. If the driver is an independent contractor, your attorney will go a different route to prove who is held responsible and how much compensation you should be awarded.

Inflicted Injuries

Because of the sheer size of a semi-truck, the occupants in the smaller vehicle will likely be the most hurt. Semi-truck accidents can easily cause traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, and more. These are life-altering injuries and you must be compensated accordingly to focus on your recovery journey!

You need a semi-truck accident attorney who has extensive experience taking on semi-truck companies and their insurance companies. Attorney Brian Adams has represented semi-truck accident victims many times and can help you get the compensation you need. Talk to us today: (478) 845-1961.