4 Possible Reasons Why Your Insurance Claim Was Denied

In an ideal world, health insurance companies would reimburse you for the cost of your healthcare procedure without trouble. Frustratingly, this is hardly the case! Keep reading to learn four possible reasons why your health insurance claim was denied and what you can do about it:

Incomplete Insurance Information

Your insurance claim may have been denied because the information was incomplete or incorrect. Call the hospital or surgery center where you had your medical care and ask questions! Facilities have people working specifically with insurance companies and individuals to fix errors.

Unauthorized Claim

It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to request that you notify them of a future procedure so they can authorize it. If they have denied it due to lack of prior authorization, don’t give up. There are ways you can still request payment from your insurance company.

Too Much Time Has Passed

In general, send in your insurance claim to your insurance company as soon as possible following (or prior to) the procedure. If you surpass the allowed time allotment in your agreement with your insurance company, they may deny it simply because you waited too long.

Deductibles Haven’t Been Met

Most insurances have deductibles that an individual must meet before the company will pay for a procedure. Until you have paid the deductible amount that is outlined in your insurance agreement, your insurance company will deny your claim.

Adams Law Firm Can Help!

Did you know that roughly 200 million insurance claims are denied each year in America? But, don’t worry… here is the good news: According to the AARP, roughly half of those denied insurance claims are successfully appealed!

When you partner with the Adams Law Firm attorneys, we promise to do everything we can to appeal your denied claim and obtain a successful result for you. If you have questions about your insurance claim, don’t hesitate to call us: (478) 845-1961.