What You Can Do About Your Denied Insurance Claim

Although it’s disheartening to receive a denial letter concerning an insurance claim, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with the entire bill. Here are four tips to pursue a reversal on your denied insurance claim:

Ask Your Insurance Company Questions

Call your insurance company and ask why it was denied. Insurance claims get denied often because there is incomplete or inaccurate information. If this is the case, fixing that information can reverse the denial. There are other scenarios such as past timely filing limits or lack of prior authorization that may require an attorney’s aid.

Request Help from Advocates

Medical offices have people on staff that solely deal with insurance. They understand which details need to be included, why certain claims are denied, and more. Request help from these advocates! Medical offices don’t want to send your bill to charity or collections. Getting help from people who work with insurance daily can drastically help your claim.

Keep Records of All Documents

If you have to send certain documents, do so electronically. This creates an electronic paper trail for future reference. If you have questions, use email. The more records you have proving that you are trying to fix the issue, the better chance it will be reversed.

Educate Yourself on Pricing & Policies

The more you know about how much your procedure costs and how much your insurance should cover, the less likely they’ll be able to forego payment. Insurance companies should pay what is outlined in their policy, but sometimes they try to keep money in house.

Adams Law Firm Attorneys Can Help with Your Insurance Claim

If your insurance company is refusing to cover your claim, our attorneys can help. We understand how insurance companies think, and we know how to negotiate with insurance companies to help your case. Call us today: (478) 845-1961.