Rainy Weather Driving Tips

The time has changed, and the leaves are changing.  But you all know the one thing you can’t change is the weather.

We’ve had quite a bit of rain this week across Georgia, and with that, we’ve seen more accidents on the roadways.  Take a minute to review these pointers on how to avoid a rainy day accident.

Rainy Weather Driving Tip


Reducing your speed during rainy conditions is one of your best chances to avoid a car wreck.  Braking distances increase dramatically in the rain, so keep a safer, further distance between you and the car in front of you.


Proper tire care is always important, but it’s even more so in the rain. Check out this link to review tire tread and pressure safety.


Remember to turn on your lights when driving in the rain to remain visible to others around you.  However, using high-beams can reflect light off of the wet roadways further reducing visibility; therefore, it is recommended that you stick to low-beams.

AVOID CRUISE CONTROL While cruise control is a great feature during dry conditions, using this during rain can increase your chances of losing control.  Turning off cruise control allows for YOU to be in control and maximizes your safety in a possible loss-of-traction situation.


Anyone can experience skidding on the wet roadways, but first and foremost DON’T PANIC!  To maintain control, DON’T SLAM ON THE BRAKES. Instead, try easing your foot off the gas and continue steering and looking in the direction you want to go until you regain control.

So, while you can’t change the weather, you CAN lower your chances of being involved in an accident due to rainy conditions.  Please be safe out there!

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