Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

Look Twice, Save a Life: Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

On the heels of the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a reported 13 fatalities and 152 injury accidents remind us to “Look Twice, Save a Life”.  Motorcycles are everywhere and often go unseen by other motorists.  Take a look at these tips that car & truck drivers should follow to help avoid a Georgia motorcycle accident.

–          Show the same respect to motorcyclists as you would any other vehicle on the road.

–          Always look twice before pulling out at intersections.

–          If passing, give the motorcycle a full lane as you would with any other vehicle.

–          Double-check blind spots prior to changing lanes.

–          Always yield at a right-of-way to avoid a potentially life-threatening accident.

–          Leave plenty of room between you and motorcycles.

–          Pay attention while driving.  Distracted driving continues to be a top contributor to injury accidents.  Remember, it can wait.

Sharing the road with motorcyclists requires special attention, and Adams Law Firm hopes you will remember these tips any time you take to the road.

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Brian Adams, Offers Free Consultations

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