Motorcycle Accidents: Safety Tips for Riders

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Several thousand fatalities occur every year due to motorcycle accidents. And, since 1966, there have been over 150,000 motorcycle fatalities in America alone. More often than not, it is the motorcyclist that is injured or killed – not the driver in the other vehicle. Because motorcycle accidents happen often, we have attorneys ready to fight for you if you’ve been involved in an accident.

3 Simple New Year Resolutions for a Safer 2018

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Millions of people around the world make resolutions every year. Some are too far-fetched to make a reality, and others are not personal enough to stick. So, our team came up with three New Year resolutions that are not only easy to keep all year long, but will also increase your safety in 2018. If you’re searching for legal representation,

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3 Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

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According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. There are millions of hospital visits each year due to slip and fall accidents. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make your property safer and avoid accidents!

3 Rainy Weather Driving Tips to Remember

By mandr-adamslaw|November 16, 2017|Auto Safety|

Georgia has been pelted with heavy rain and intense gusts of wind from several hurricanes in recent months. These hurricanes brought immense damages to property and caused many accidents on the road. If you have been injured in a car accident, we want to help.

Do I Have a Case for Medical Malpractice?

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Roughly 98,000 people die each year due to medical malpractice. Even more people suffer from substantial injuries that result in lost time and wages. The attorneys at Adams Law Firm believe that medical professionals need to be held to the highest standard and expectation. After all, they hold your life in their hands. If you’ve suffered from medical negligence or

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I Signed a Waiver, Can I Still Sue?

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Many people believe the myth that if you sign a waiver, you’re not allowed to sue. However, that is simply not true. Waivers are intended to inform the participant of possible harm. Upon signing, the participant is surrendering a known right or acknowledging that harm may occur. However, a waiver is not intended to be a loophole if negligence transpires.

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Understanding Environmental Law & Types of Pollution

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America’s technology is advancing and evolving at a rapid pace. While everyday life is becoming more convenient due to these innovative products, your health may be adversely affected. Fortunately, environmental laws were established to ensure certain rules and regulations are upheld to keep society safe. Environmental law regulates human activity and how it affects the environment. Unfortunately, loopholes exist and

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Be Cautious Dealing with Dental Chains

By mandr-adamslaw|September 6, 2017|Adams Law Firm|

Dentistry requires deep knowledge and skill. Understandably, when that expertise is required, the recipient will pay a fee for the service. While the price tag for dental services may be high, there is a limit. Recently, complaints have surfaced against dental chains concerning putting profit before the actual needs of the patient. Contact Adams Law Firm today if you have

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